Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kip Averitt Will Pull His Name Off SD 22 Ballot

He tells local Waco media that he is confident in the people's choice

Senator Kip Averitt reversed his position and said he will take his
off the General Election ballot, after all.

He had earlier said he would remain on the ballot as the sole candidate,
elected by default to his Senate seat though he resigened his current term.

His intended replacement, former Senator David Sibley, lost by 3,500 votes
Col. Brian Birdwell who garnered way more than 50 percent of the vote in 8
of 10 counties in the district.

After looking at the election figures, he said, he changed his mind.

He had earlier said he didn't want a certain eligibility question cloud
the issue of the General Election. Since County Republican Chairmen will
be able to pick any candidate they may choose, Senator Averitt said he
is confident the chairmen know all about the eligibility question re-
garding Col. Birdwell's residency for the past 5 years, part of which he
spent in Virginia following his 2004 retirement from the Army.

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