Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GOP Chairman Hits "Charade" By McLennan Honchos

Bosque's Dr. Tom Bratcher - "Special election cost $32K"

After the final votes were tallied and former Senator David
Sibley conceded defeat to Col. Brian Birdwell, the local GOP
Chairman spoke up and said, "Well, that little charade by
Joe B. Hinton, M.A. Taylor, Chris DeCluitt and Kip Averitt
cost this county $32,000.

Dr. Tom Bratcher, newly elected GOP County Chairman for
Bosque County, was very critical of the fact that Sibley
lost by 3,500 votes in 10 counties in which he carried only
two - McLennan and Falls.

Bosque County Commissioners, he said, insisted on keeping
all 16 voting precincts open in an election in which less
than 1,000 people voted - at an expense of $1,000 per box.
The total of $32,000, for the Special Election and the run-
off, he said, was an unnecessary expense.

They could have kept only one polling place open in each
Commissioners' District, which would have cost only 25
percent of the day's total expense of $16,000.

"These County Commissioners don't know how to count."

He also criticized the insistence of McLennan County
Republican Chairman Joe B. Hinton, former chair M.A. Taylor,
recently defeated State Republican Executive Committee Chris
DeCluitt and former Senator Kip Averitt for what he termed a
"charade" in which Senator Averitt first filed for the
nomination, vowed he would not run if nominated, then won
the election and forced a special election by resigning from
his unexpired term. which ends in January of 2011.

Now Senator Averitt, the only nominee for the General
Election of November, is by default the elected Senator for
District 22 unless he resigns sometime before a certain date
in August.

He told various media outlets today that if Col. Brian
Birdwell won, he would keep his seat and come back to serve
as State Senator for yet another term since he feels much
better now, able to complete his term in spite of a heart
condition and a diabetic problem.

Senator Averitt insists that Col. Birdwell is not eligible
to serve as Senator because he has not had residence in the
district for the past 5 years, as required by Texas election

Col. Brian Birdwell is a decorated hero of the Gulf War,
holds the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for the
horrendous burns he suffered in the 9/11 attack on the
Pentagon, and insists he is within his rights as a
serviceman to call Texas his residence even though he was
away serving on active duty in Virginia.

If he does resign, Democratic County Chairmen could file
suit and take the seat due to an interpretation of the law,
something Senator Averitt vows he will not let happen.


  1. Funny how residency is a big deal to Averitt when it comes to Birdwell but not so big a deal if it is his friend,Austin resident Sibley running. This whole deal stinks. Averitt and DeCluitt tried to engineer DeCluitt into the seat and it failed. If Averitt was honest, he would withdraw from the ballot tomorrow. We will see.

  2. Let me get over there in Amen Corner with you, Brother Xenophon. I do believe we in agreeance.

    You know, I been in some big towns; I been in some bad towns, but I ain't never, never, never seen nothin' quite as messed up as this here.

    The Legendary

    p.s. Is it true that Xenophon is a subsidiary label of RCA? If so, I have a demo I want to send y'all.


  3. I don't know about the record company, but I do know about the Xenophon who took 10,000 Greeks to fight for Persia and on arrival found that the Persians turned on him. He and his men then turned to go back home and successfully fought the
    Persians time after time to get home. In the end, the Persians were worse off for their treachery and the valor of the Greeks became "legendary."

  4. Averitt did the right thing by pulling himself off the ballot. Our "10,000" beat the power and money of those who tried to make the Republican Party their personal playpen. Daily we see the value of the Republican brand increase because it is the only organization that can stop Obama's statists,socialists, and Marxists without resorting to bullets. It must be the true party of the people willing to ally itself with other patriots to preserve our Constitution and the freedoms it states are ours.So all you Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, fiscally conservative Libertarians,New Whigs, and all -- lets join in and take our country back.

  5. You are a good man, Xenophon. Unit, outfit, country, self. That's the way it goes.

    You fight for your comrades in arms and no one else. They are who counts when it comes down to the nitty gritty and it's always nitty gritty time when you're fresh for the fight.

    The Legendary