Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hispanic Republican Club Joining 21st Century

Marketing research, branding, focus group to confab Friday

Conservative political organizing in the Hispanic community
will enter a new era next week.

The Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County announced on
its website,, that it will host a focus group
of 90 people in a cineplex setting to be announced with a
few more than 100 units of stadium seating on the evening of
Sunday, July 25, according to its President, Duke Machado.

On hand for the event will be professional opinion
researchers who will hand out automatic hand-held electronic
units to 90 registered participants. In response to video,
Power Point and other projected presentations, the group
will be asked to register their responses to a central
computer linked by radio waves to the hand-held "clickers."

The idea is to probe members of the Hispanic community in
the Waco area on what their expectations are of conservative
political figures, how they would like to proceed with plans
to take back their country, and just how close their own
traditional Hispanic family values are to traditional
conservative political values, said Mr. Machado.

Agenda items will be illegal immigration in all its
permutations such as the circumstances of an illegal with a
legal family, a legal with an illegal family and other
combinations, English as an official language in business
and education, and border security.

To register for the event, participants should contact Mr.
Machado at or 254-214-9368.

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