Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two On GOP Exec Committee File Ethics Complaint

Chet Edwards targeted for breaking campaign website rules

Newly elected members of the State Republican Executive
Committee blew the whistle on U.S. Representative Chet
Edwards' website practices today.

In a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics, Janet
Jackson of Clifton and Jimmie Kerr of Waco registered a
complaint against the veteran Congressman.

They alleged that links between his regular website, which
he maintains as a member of the House of Representatives,
and his re-election campaign website are in violation of the
ethics rules that apply to members of Congress, according to
the "House Ethics Manual."

"Mr. Edwards violated the rules regarding campaign activity
and official resources. The rules set forth in the (House
Ethics) Manual clearly prohibit a Member from linking his
Member website to his campaign website.

"Mr. Edwards has linked his Member website to his campaign
website. For this reason, The Office of Congressional Ethics
should enforce the congressional ethics rules and hold Mr.
Edwards and his staff accountable for the ethics violations
they committed."

The pair urged a complete investigation of the matter in
their letter, addressed "To Whom It May Concern."

His opponent's campaign manager chimed in immediately,
releasing a statement to the press from the Bryan
headquarters of Bill Flores For Congress.

"Chet Edwards has chosen to disreagard clear and
unmistabkable rules regarding the use of official resources
and campaign activity for his own political beliefs,"
according to Matt Mackowiak.

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