Thursday, August 5, 2010

Accused Child Rapist Released On PR Bond of $0

He has agreed to a $100K lien to be levied on his property if he fails to show up for court

Waco -- A McLennan County Justice of the Peace released on June 1 on his personal recognizance a Bruceville man charged with the continuous sexual abuse of a child.

As long as Benjamin Alan Morrison, 37, a computer technician who works in Temple, appears in 54th District Court, a $100,000 lien will not be levied against his property, according to a court document handed down by the Honorable David W. Pareya, Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 3. He was not required to post a bond fee.

According to a bond report filed by the McLennan County Sheriff's Department on the day of his arraignment, an original bond of $500,000 was set by Judge Pareya. A later notation written in hand in the area of the report titled “Release Authority” notes “PR bond per Judge Strother.” The Honorable Ralph Strother is the Judge of the 19th District Court.

According to an arrest report filed on February 18th of this year, Texas State Technical College Police charged Mr. Morrison on information that he repeatedly committed the act of aggravated sexual assault on the child over a period of years, starting in 2007. He was a student there and lived on campus at the time.

Prior arrest records show that he was charged with injury to a child in 2004, but show no disposition of the case.

According to news reports, a McLennan County Grand Jury recently handed down a bill of indictment for the crimes of continuous sexual abuse of a young female child and 8 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The arrest report filed by police indicates Mr. Morrison is 6 ft, l in. tall, weights 330 pounds, has two tattoos on his right arm, one on his left, and a dragon on his chest.

Jail records show that Mr. Morrison was held in a medical segregation cell during his incarceration in the McLennan County lockup, though they do not indicate why.

State law provides for the electronic monitoring of sexual offenders through means of GPS tracking.


  1. I'm applaud that the Court system in McLennan County even released this individual (little lone anyone else charged with a Sex Crime against a minor) on his own PR w/o any tracking device or Bond. He has nothing worth $100,000 to his name, which means he has nothing to lose. They need to find him ASAP, put him in Jail and throw away the key!!

  2. Try knowing that he is a sexual predator that raped the mother and two daughters all at diffrent times. This is a travesty not justice. We are all waiting for trial, and the 11 year old, now 12, has to testify in front of this repeat offender. And to let him loose where he can just do this again is sad. Will someone stop this mad man, please?!

  3. Sarah, be truthful, after all it was you who threatened to have these charges brought up if mr morrison did not break the law by returning the children that cps had taken from you because they found you unfit and addicted. and by the way mr morrison was physically in Iraq during part of the times these attacks took place in the usa. This is up to a Jury now.