Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Mexico Sheriff and militia tells feds to go away

Out in Otero County, New Mexico, the people got together out in the National Forest and decided to cut a fire break. Maybe it would help them save their property and homes in case of wildfire in this brutal year of drought and heat.

That's when the Forest Service stepped in and said, "No way." They let people know that if they cut any trees for a fire break, they would arrest them.

But they didn't count on the Sheriff of Otero County, New Mexico, who operates out of Alamogordo with a militia of hundreds of armed members, all of whom carry a firearm in their vehicle and a fully stocked battle bag. New Mexico is an open carry state, which means that no one need apply for a permit to carry their six gun strapped on outside their britches, "for all the honest world to see."

They have the Sheriff's back.

The Sheriff has their backs.

The Feds reassessed their bombastic position and decided they had changed their regulations, after all, according to Larry Pratt, for 30 years executive director of Guns of America, a gun rights organzation with 300,000 members.

Mr. Pratt told his story on "Tenther Radio," a feature of the Tenth Amendment Center out of Los Angeles, hosted by founder Michael Boldin.

He had another story to tell. It seems the Mayor of Ruidoso, situated at 6,000 feet elevation, decided guns would henceforth be illegal in the ski resort village in the mountains.

That's when a few hundred members of the militia showed up with their six guns strapped on their hips. The police? Well, the chief told the Mayor and the City Council that any attempt to infringe on people's right to keep and bear arms is totally unconstitutional.

That's how it works.

There are other stories to tell. Listen to the Tenther Radio show by clicking on it below.

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