Friday, October 14, 2011

OccupyWallSt disrupts bank foreclosure auction

New York - Police arrested 15 Occupy Wall Street protesters after they refused to leave a Brooklyn courtroom during a foreclosure auction.

According to published reports, about 45 demonstrators filed into the courtroom, where they sang a song protesting the rising number of home foreclosures.

In their opinion, the banks have loaned money to people who cannot pay it back.

When court officers arrived and asked them to leave, 30 complied while another 15 were placed under arrest.

“They did what they wanted to accomplish; they stopped the auction,” said Mimi Rosenberg, a legal aid lawyer. “It’s a great and wonderful expression of the people’s power.” Ms. Rosenberg said she sympathized with the protests.

Earlier this month protesters tried to approach the Brooklyn courthouse by swarming onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Police responded by making more than 700 arrests.

Police turned protesters away form a lower Manhattan restaurant where Mayor Michael Bloomberg was having his lunch. Their mission was to deliver a petition signed by more than 300,000 urging he and the property management company that owns Zucotti Park, re-christened Liberty Square, to allow the protesters to continue camping out there.

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