Thursday, November 14, 2013

Be careful what you say you saw - and where you say it

What they saw – 
Lee Bowers, Jr., died in a single car accident, Aug. 9, 1966

Lee Bowers Jr. was the key eyewitness in the assignation of President John F. Kennedy.  At the time of the shooting he was a tower man for the north tower while employed by the Union Terminal Company.  The tower is located at the corner of Elm and Houston which is 50 yards from the School Depository Building.  It has windows on all four sides and sits 12-14 feet off of the ground.

Mr. Bowers testified that he saw three vehicles all approach the School Depository Building.  All three of the vehicles appeared within 20 minutes of one another.  Each circled the northern and western side of the building then disappeared around the front. Lee acknowledges he saw the President’s car approach the corner of Elm and Huston when he heard three shots. 

Unfortunately he did not see the car at the time of any of the shots as the vehicle was blocked by a decorative wall.  Mr. Bowers believes the shots came from the School Depository Building or the triple underpass below him.  The key piece of his testimony was that he observed two strangers on the grassy knoll.

Strangely enough Lee Bowers Jr. died in a motor vehicle crash.  Witnesses say a black vehicle forced his car off of the roadway into a bridge abutment.  This was only four years after the assassination of the president.

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