Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'My mother would have shot them' – cop at DHS drill

File photo furnished by DHS
Somewhere in the D/FW Metroplex – Simulated pools of blood shone slickly, a purplish shade of sticky-sweet red, as volunteer actors moaned and pleaded for help and medics rushed the wounded to first aid.
The cop smiled wryly and answered with candor, when asked about officers wearing combat gear, full body armor, armed with assault rifles – the ones depicted in video assaulting housewives on their front porches in New Orleans, taking away their firearms during the Katrina disaster.

If it had been my mama,” he said, shaking his head. “My mother would have shot them, no question. Now, if they had knocked politely, showed a search warrant, she would have probably baked them some cookies and sent them on their way with a smile...”

And then he laughed out loud – looked into the mid distance – and laughed again.

Would he be quoted?
He laughed louder. “Hell, no!...No way!” In the parlance of today's Associated Press reporters, he declined comment because he is  “an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.”

Adherents of DontComply and OpenCarryTexas reported they were given ultimatums to leave the area when they showed up in places where police and firemen held Urban Shield civil defense drills under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security – or face arrest for trespassing, or other charges.

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