Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's all this talk about rights? Ever heard of freedom?

Support your local police! Beat yourself up...

Rights? There are no rights, no such thing. It's a puddin' and a fake, a fairy tale from la la land and Hollywood, told by vidiots on television who are talking heads to romance folks in a trance.

But you, well, you're wide awake, now. Welcome to the real world.

Now, what you have is freedom. You got a pair big enough to reach out and take it? Use it? We the people put this United States Rifle - this FIRING PIECE - in your hands. You man enough to squeeze that trigger, for effect, make it count?

Because I'll tell you why. You ain't got no rights, never did and never will. What you got is freedom to fight like hell to keep what you got, and not let them run over you and yours and what you have. You got the sand to use it, to fight and live and breathe and die a free man? Do you read me?

Because you ain't got no rights. There is no such thing. There is freedom and there is no freedom. You better choose quick. 

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