Friday, November 1, 2013

Abbott promises lady he will sign open carry handgun law

By Linda Perry

I talked to Mr. Greg Abott today in San Antonio. I had two things to talk about.

I asked him what he plans to do about the Capital DPS troopers that keep illegally arresting and brutalizing my friends (for open carry of holstered black powder revolvers). That surprised him.

He said, "Your friends are NOT breaking any laws and they should not be arrested."

Me, "Right! We know that! However, this keeps happening over and over! It's been like 8 arrests so far. They arrested Gary Hays and he's a quadriplegic! They broke my friend Tom Jefferson's ribs and he ended up in the hospital, in excruciating pain, from his injuries. The DPS troopers assigned to the Capital are going to have to stand down--because we are not giving up our rights to those bullies. Are you aware, sir, that this issue is so serious that it could possibly escalate to the point where there could be a shoot out in front of the Capital? Law abiding citizens against the tyrannical DPS Capital Unit? They have already drawn first blood."

He looked very concerned while he considered that for a second. Obviously, he had not considered this before. Then he said, "But there were no arrests at the San Antonio rally, right?"

I said, "There were some incidents but nothing really serious. However, Police Chief McManus is enforcing illegal San Antonio city ordinances that are in direct conflict with the Texas Constitution. And we have a BIG, BIG problem with that."

Mr Abbott looked me straight in the eye and said, "I have a message for your friends. You tell them that I PROMISE, when I am governor of Texas, Texas will be an open carry of handgun state. All of their gun rights will soon be restored."

I said,"Is that a promise? Is that the FIRST thing that you are going to do?"

He said, "It's a promise. And I want you to tell them I said that. I don't know if it's the very first thing that I will do, but I promise you, that it will be done. When is the next rally?"

Me: December 14th at the Capital in Austin.
Mr. Abbott: OK. I'm going to get in contact with DPS chief and I do not expect any arrests at that event.

Me: We are counting on you, sir. Me and my friends are getting very, very tired of these illegal arrests and broken ribs."

Mr. Abbott: I am going to make some phone calls. I do NOT expect any arrests at the event on December 14."

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