Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grisham refused probation, will air dashcam video today

Belton, TX – The public will get a second look at the police dashcam video prosecutors used to convict a veteran U.S. Army non-commissioned officer for carrying a rifle in public.

Asked when the video, which has been withheld through a gag order by a visiting County Court at Law Judge, will be released, Sgt. Grisham said, “Tomorrow. It will be released through the Open Carry Texas/YouTube channel.

M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham defiantly told court officials he will not apply for probation in his sentence for interfering with a public official.

In order to receive a suspended sentence, a convicted offender must go through a battery of tests, make application, and submit to evaluation by the Adult Supervision and Correction Department, then adhere to certain terms and conditions of probation during the term of suspended sentence.

When asked, Sgt. Grisham replied, “I refused probation. I don't want it. If I did some false crime, I'll do false time.”

The Class B Misdemeanor for which he has been convicted by a jury carries a maximum sentence of a $2,000 fine and 6 months in jail, or both. Temple Police arrested him March 16 as he walked down a rural road near the Temple Airport, where relatives in his extended family own farm properties.

He told supporters and newsmen that he was following up on a series of encounters with methamphetamine cooks who pilfer the anhydrous ammonia gas used to fertilize and prepare seed bed for row crops at that time of year. “I and another guy were involved in a high speed auto chase,” he said in a previous interview, while trying to catch an ammonia thief.

The “meth cooks” use it to prepare “Nazi speed,” an especially potent and extremely poisonous form of the drug devised during the closing days of World War II, when the German Army was bereft of all forms of supplies, especially food for the troops, clothing was in short supply, and severely diminished, exhausted rankers were expected to fight for extended hours over days and weeks and months, as they fell back, malnourished and nearly naked before rapidly advancing Allied troops and armor from the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

The drug is prepared in pyrex dishes placed in ice chests using a cold process, without condensation or the use of such basic supplies as phenyl acetic acid, which is heavily regulated by the DEA, and using lithium from batteries, match heads for red phosphorus, and muriatic acid used to clean swimming pools. Addicts usually lose their teeth within two years, and are dead within five.

He previously appeared before the City Council to ask that they repeal unconstitutional local ordinances disallowing open carry of firearms that were passed by local governments in reaction to the passage of a Concealed Carry Handgun License law enacted by the state legislature in the late 90's. His request fell on deaf ears.

When he and his son stepped out for a 10-mile hike that took them through the neighborhood, a woman who works for a social service agency thought the appearance of a man and a youngster walking armed with a rifle looked “odd,” and phoned the Temple police to voice her “alarm.”

The video made by the police dashcam depicts Temple Police Department Officer Steve Ermis jamming the muzzle of an automatic pistol into the back of the Sergeant's neck, bending him over the hood of a patrol car, then jabbing him in the ribs with the pistol while he takes control of the rifle and disarms him.

Jurors convicted him for interfering with the policeman when they made a finding that he “substantially, intentionally, unreasonably, and recklessly” failed to exercise the type of ordinary caution or restraint a person would ordinarily exercise. The finding was in accordance with a jury instruction prepared by prosecutors and instructed by the judge.

Viewers, many of whom feel the conviction represents a severe stricture on the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, will be able to compare the officer's testimony with what they see on the dashcam and make up their own minds.

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