Wednesday, November 27, 2013

With the patience of ornithologists, critical thinkers view Boston Marathon depictions, videos in doubt, disbelief

Where is the blood from the severed artery?
"Not a single person shown bleeding from the ears...Real explosions, when experienced in close proximity, burst eardrums. Hell, even firearms can burst eardrums--and that's just propellant burning, not an explosion.

"Not a single report of someone dying, or even being injured, from the concussive shockwave of the explosion--YET, there was enough of a shockwave to shatter glass across the street.

"Not a single report of traumatic brain injury, or even concussion, from the shockwave--yet, those are things we see everyday when soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines are attacked with IEDs in Afghanistan." - Nathan Merrell, OCT member, Texas militiaman

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