Thursday, May 27, 2010

21 Percent Medicare Cut Looms For Doctors, Elders

Speaker Nancy Pelosi vows, "We will not have that cut."

Medicare clients should look in the mail for a glossy
government brochure explaining how Obamacare "keeps Medicare
strong and solvent."

This is in the face of a fast approaching June 1 deadline
that will cause a 21 percent decrease in payments to doctors
if Congress does not act.

Medicare payments are already substantially lower than those
paid by private insurers, something one general practitioner
says makes it "harder to accept new Medicare patients."

Such deadlines are nothing new, but critics of socialized
medicine say that the history of brinksmanship with Medicare
cuts only adds on to the bill in the long run. Somewhere,
they say, there must be a reckoning.

Some doctors are starting to cast a jaundiced eye on the
entire problem, what with rising costs of staff, insurance
and supplies.

Obamacare put a huge strain on the Medicare budget,
according to financial analysts. To bail out senior medical
care would have pushed the total bill way over the $1
trillion, 10-year limit President Obama imposed during the
Congressional battle to pass his monumental "reform" package
aimed at covering all those uninsured patients in the U.S.

Elderly patients should keep a vigil on the unfolding drama,
though House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on
record, saying "We will not have that cut."

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