Monday, May 24, 2010

Flores Hits Edwards' Vote For New Welfare Program

He claims Chet's politics will triple debt in 10 years

All U.S. House Republicans and 9 Democrats voted against
passage of a new welfare bill last week, 177-240.

The new program deletes the earlier requirement that welfare
recipients seek job training or lose their welfare benefits.

Its cost, $2.5 billion.

This is in spite of 280,000 on-line votes from constituents
who turned in their preferences on their cell phones that
their Congressmen go against the new law. It's a new
awareness program instituted by Republicans.

Chet Edwards (D-CD17) was one of the Democrats who voted in
favor of the authorization.

His opponent, Republican candidate Bill Flores, said "To
career politician Chet Edwards, I guess wasting $2.5 billion
is insignificant."

"Texans are fed up with wasteful spending, record deficits
and a deeply irresponsible 2010 federal budget, which Chet
supported, that will double the debt in five years and
triple it in ten. We must get our spending, our budget and
our deficit under control and while Chet Edwards has
displayed zero leadership in achieving this, I will."

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