Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Re-Elect Anyone?

What rational purpose is thereby served by that act?

Your government has:

Enacted laws that allow the seizure of property, both
public and private, and its subsequent acquisition by
foreign corporations;

Passed Bills of Attainder in contravention of the United
States Constitution;

Caused certain legislation to come to the floor and be
passed without bothering to read the thousands upon
thousands of pages of attendant verbiage;

Suspended or nullified such basic freedoms as the right to
an application for a writ of habeas corpus, the insistence
upon affidavits of probable cause in the issuance of
warrants or search and arrest, and the obdurate and
obstinate attitude that citizens have no right to keep and
bear arms;

Simply refused to hear, consider or even vote upon the
confirmation of judges and justices appointed by the
President, of cabinet secretaries and ambassadors, and has
caused the conditions in which "czars" have been appointed
to rule and govern without representative or senatorial
Congressional approval;

Taxed its citizens in amounts disproportionate between
classes of earnings and corporate status without so much as
a fare-thee-well;

Increased its debt by manifold proportions, thereby saddling
our grandchilren, great and great great grandchildren with
debt service that can only skyrocket as time goes by;

Prosecuted undeclared wars and other foreign adventures
without seeking the approval of Congress or the people;

Sought to "dumb down," confuse and frustrate the desires of
our youth who would like to learn the core academic skills
of written communications, mathematics and history;

and eagerly assumed the cost of doing business of very
large, vertically integrated multinational corporations
doing business in this nation in banking, securities,
insurance, energy and other key economic areas while the
leadership of these corporations blithely pay themselves
massive bonuses, seemingly to reward themselves for their

Are term limits the answer? Hardly, since the entire
representative form of government is based on rules adopted
by both houses of Congress that reward seniority as a virtue
and penalizes freshmen for their lack of longevity and

To return to a strict construction of the Constitution is an
understatement of an emergency procedure which fairly shouts
for recognition.

I put it to you, fellow Americans.

Why the hell would you choose to re-elect anyone - anyone at
all - above the rank of dog catcher, doorkeeper or chaplain?

The Legendary

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  1. We should not. But the reality is 90% would rather watch dancing with the stars than read your blog. We doom ourselves. Thanks for what you do.