Thursday, May 13, 2010

City Of The Fallen Angels To Arizona: JUST SAY NO!

Millions in city contracts may come home to California

The backlash over Arizona's new immigration law hit Shaky Town
with the force of an earthquake.

The Mayor of Los Angeles is expected to sign a resolution passed
yesterday by city councilmen that could potentially bar millions
of dollars in contracts with Arizona firms for goods and

The new city law bars the nation's second-largest city from
conducting business or reaching new contracts with Arizona
businesses unless the immigration law is repealed.

The new city law also prohibits most city business trips to the

This could affect investments and contracts in Arizona worth as
much as $58 million, much of which involve airport, port and
energy service.

These contracts cannot lawfully be affected by the boycott.

But that leaves about $7.7 million in city contracts that could
possibly be affected, according to Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who
co-authored the resolution.

Some of the contracts include helicopter services, Taser guns,
waste management, engineering and surveillance equipment.

Some members of the L.A. city council hope that now the jobs and
contracts can come home to California.

Critics of the new resolution immediately began to point out the
possibility of federal restraint of trade litigation against the
sprawling exurban conglomeration of cities and towns that extends
from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara - the place the
modulating drive-by truckers call Shaky Town, home of the
Dodgers, tar pits, freeways, the hula hoop and Tinseltown's
elusive dreams.

Proponents pointed out that Los Angeles and its environs is a
melting pot for immigrants in which many peoples' nation of
origin is not too far back down the road to Mexico, South and
Central America, Asia, Russia, Africa or the Caribbean.

Arizona recently took the constitutionally unprecedented action
of legalizing state authority to detain illegal aliens for
federal immigration authorities if their illegal status is
discovered in connection with a probable cause investigation of
an alleged criminal offense against the peace and dignity of the
People of the State of Arizona.

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