Monday, May 3, 2010

New Republican Chairman Busy Branding GOP With Voters

With all respect for due form and process of law, the judge
swore in the new Bosque County Republican Chairman Monday

In a new move toward branding the GOP in voters' eyes, Dr.
Tom Bratcher swore to uphold, protect and defend" the
Constitution of the United States against "all enemies,
foreign and domestic" as Mr. Justice Rex D. Davis of the 10
Court of Appeals at Waco dictated.

Dr. Bratcher is a tenured professor of mathematics at Baylor

He is replacing Mrs. Helen Dozier, who for more 20 years
held the position through a time of transition from a single
party state to a double party Courthouse with constitutional
officers from both Democratic and Republican tickets holding

"There is no room among us to sit on the benches," said Dr.
Bratcher in brief remarks following the ceremony. He
explained that of 16 voting precincts, only about half have
a Precinct Chairman. Previously, the post was held in dual
fashion by the Election Judge for Republican Primaries in
each precinct.

That's just not what he and his Vice Chairman, Janet
Jackson, are driving at. They want to recruit, train and
motivate people to serve in each of three precinct positions
- Chairman, Election Judge, and poll watcher.

Those who would like to learn more and help get out the vote
may contact Dr. Bratcher at 597-0258 and Mrs. Jackson at
254-709-1187. They are holding and planning training classes
at this time.

As soon as he was sworn in, Dr. Bratcher appointed Mrs.
Janet Jackson Vice Chairman and Mattie Bragg Derryberry as
Treasurer of the Bosque Republican Party.

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