Saturday, May 22, 2010

ICE Czar: Arizona Law "Not Good Government"

He plans to focus on federal laws to deport criminal aliens

Chicago -- La Migra won't follow a new Arizona law and deport
illegal foreign nationals.

To change behavior, John Morton, head of Immigration and Customs
Enforcement, said his outfit will go after employers.

Interviewed by the editorial board of "The Chicago Tribune,"
he revealed plans to punish employers who knowingly hire foreign
nationals who have entered the nation illegally.

The new Arizona law, which allows local and state police to
detain and hold illegals for deportation by ICE, is "not good
government," he said, echoing White House officials, including
President Barack Obama.

In a meeting outlining what will be a new approach to immigration
enforcement in the Chicago suburbs, he noted deportations of
criminals for this year are up 40 percent from a record
400,000 last year.

Mr. Morton said he intends to expand the Secure Communities
Initiative, which includes sharing a database of
fingerprints with local and state authorities.

This law requires police to check suspects in other crimes
for immigration paperwork. The federal emphasis will be on a
comprehensive nationwide approach rather than a hodgepodge
of state laws, he concluded.

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