Thursday, May 13, 2010

Austin Officials Unanimous: Boycott Arizona

They cite the new law that allows state cops to detain illegals

Typically, they vote to keep Austin weird. Guess what. Give up?

Austin has no business, no investments and no contracts in Arizona.

Austin City Councilmen voted unanimously to cut all business ties to

A Hispanic member of the council, Mike Martinez, proposed the
resolution which ends all city business travel to Arizona, except
to render humanitarian aid or conduct police investigations.

The city's head book keeper said Austin has no business contracts
or investments in that state.


  1. Given that those in Austin would like to boycott Arizona, I think that I will start to boycott Austin and it's merchants. And I think that every time I pass on doing business with someone in Austin, I'll provide them a form letter stating why I'm not buying from them.

  2. "Why even London Bridge
    has fallen down
    and moved off to Arizona;
    now I know why.

    "And I'll substantiate the rumor
    that the English sense of humor
    is drier than the Texas sands...etc."

    Chord with it, Boomer. I want to see you two-steppin' on down the trail to the Hell Country. Write if you get work and be sure and send back some geologists' reports if you s'pect there is any oil or gold in them thar hills, old son.

    God knows, we need to change our luck around here.

    The Legendary