Friday, June 24, 2011

Cowboy Cadillac swap for Plain Jane Chevy “turck”

Six Shooter Junction – True, how true it is, that some days the dragon wins; but on others, and few and sweet they are, Fu Manchu the Hard Deputy and The Legendary Scribbler doth prevail.

Witnesseth: It is a matter of record that the McLennan County Commissioners' Court arranged to buy a used Silverado 2500 4WD Ultra Crew Cab Cowboy Cadillac with 40,000 miles on it for $20,000, plus the boot trade at $4,000 of a 2008 Dodge Ram with 100-plus thousand miles on it – N.A.D.A. Blue book value - $9,000.

Neither transaction required a bid because, what with the expenditure of both items being less than $50,000, for the good of the taxpayers, none is required, according to the Texas Local Government Code. Ditto the condemnation as surplus property of the Dodge 4-wheeler.

Public-spirited citizens that we are, we publicized the affair forthwith, and within 24 hours, events changed dramatically.

We have hence received word that Precinct 4 Commissioner Ben Perry and his foreman have made another selection in favor of a 2011 “plain Jane” Chevy pickup with crew cab – with no miles on the odometer.

Mssr. Gates received this message from Mr. Bill Garrett, Precinct 4 foreman, over Facebook:

“Bill Garrett - Ok Scott, Let me explain the deal we are looking for a 4 wheel drive truck to handel (sic) pulling trees from our roads. The truck i looked at was a 2009z71 40,000 miles was loaded so we changed the deal for a 2011 chevy 4 door sometimes i have to carry crew members to job sites in stead of running more (sic) turcks and (sic) useing more fuel plain jane for me so that s the way it is. The 2008 dodge was a blue tec diesel and is the low end of diesels. The blue book is 11,000 great shape, 9,000 good shape. Ben Perry will deal with local venders when ever he can Sorry you comments or incorrect mine are the honest to GOD truth!!!!!!!!”

Well, all righty, then. That's what I'm talking about!

On next week's agenda, the cleanup man arrives at the plate:

Now comes, Ben Perry, and would humbly show unto the Court the following: Notification of Correction and Recording only Correct Year Model - Allen Samuels Chevrolet

This memorandum is a request to have the following item placed on the agenda on June 28, 2011.

Regarding purchase of the truck for Pct 4 in the amount of $19,435.78 from Allen Samuels Chevrolet, the year model is 2011. The first memo had an incorrect year. This is to correct the year model in the memo.

If you have any questions, in regards to this memorandum, you may contact me at 5064.

Thank you

Ben Perry”

Moving right along, we are confronted with the acquisition of a $3,900 desk and chair for the office of County Judge Jim Lewis.

Here's the way that deal was arranged.

The judge requested a budget decrease of $3,100 from the Court Appointed Attorney account for probate cases and an $800 decrease from the account for Tools/Equipment/Furniture, then requested an increase of $3,900 to the Equipment and Furniture account.

The item on the consent sailed on through the swinging doors on the consent agenda, no further discussion necessary.

There is the small matter of adjustment of court appointed attorney accounts for the District Courts.

By reducing certain court-appointed attorney accounts by a total of $452,000, Mssrs. Adam Harry, County Budget Director; and Stan Chambers, County Auditor, were able to increase accounts by the same amount in the District 19, 74, and 170 Courts.

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