Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To split Ostentatious and Travis County 5 ways...

Austin - It's already split 3 ways. The proposed new District 25 would create an essentially new district east of I-35, leaving north and west Austin to the conservatives.

That would leave Austin, Texas, and Travis County carved up like the proverbial boarding house pie - in 5 pieces.

That's something the "Burnt Orange Report" calls "cruel, sadistic."

Rep. Lloyd Doggett's press secretary is unavailable to answer any questions for The Legendary.

Here's what the Representative had to say for himself:

Under the new plan, District 25 would pick up more than a dozen counties stretching from Corsicana to Hillsboro, Johnson County, Bosque, thence to Austin. The district would lose the crucial south Austin area.

This is what a town hall meeting in south Austin looked and sounded like during the debate on ObamaCare:

Want to talk Medicare reform? Here is Mr. Doggett on the subject ca. 2008:

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