Thursday, June 16, 2011

Governor Brown vetos unbalanced budget

Sacramento – California's Democratic governor gambled on the option of convincing Republicans to put tax extensions back on the ballot, roll back pensions, and cap spending.

Facing a $9.6 billion deficit, Governor Jerry Brown questioned a budget filled with what he called accounting gimmicks and vetoed the spending bill laid on his desk. It was the first time a governor has done so in this state since 1901.

He criticized Democratic lawmakers for sending him a bill that uses legally questionable methods and costly borrowing to keep schools and law enforcement agencies operating.

During months-long negotiations with Republicans who are demanding changes in the state's pension and regulatory systems, as well as a spending cap, Mr. Brown became stymied when GOP legislators denied him a “bridge tax” to cover the state's expenses between the start of the state's fiscal year and elections that would allow voters the opportunity to either approve, or disapprove new taxing schemes.

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