Monday, July 11, 2011

Greg Parker stumping for Railroad Commission

New Braunfels – The Obama Administration is looking to use the Endangered Species Act to shut down production of 268 million barrels of oil in the Permian Basin.

“Keep in mind, those aren't just barrels of oil – they represent jobs as well,” said Comal County Commissioner Greg Parker in an announcement that he is strongly considering a bid for election to the Railroad Commission. “Their policies have led to higher prices at the pump, in our homes, and on the shelves at the grocery store. And the costs are still rising. The reality doesn't end there...”

In a time when the nation has an 9.2% unemployment rate – double that in the ranks of return veterans and teen-aged workers - “The EPA is churning out new regulations in extraordinary numbers.”

New regulations aimed at making coal production economically unfeasible alarm Mr. Parker, who says, “through the EPA, they have begun to make the case that the very breath we exhale (CO2) is illegal and is a pollutant...”

Estimates from the EPA predict the new regulations will cost coal producers a billion dollars a year and cost Texas electrical consumers as much as 20% more.

Mr. Parker is looking for donations and to hear from those who would like to know more about his candidacy for the Railroad Commission.

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