Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honky Tonk Heroes Like Me - sang it, Waylon...

The Green Gables? Don't know except it was somewhere around Waco. But I've been to the It'll Do in Big D, The Black Cat in Houston and the Dew Drop Inn in Durant, Oklahoma, if you really must know...steadily a'tellin' lies ever durn step the way. Yay-us. You know it. Then, there was The Little Panther, this bind pig of a place out in the woods near Blum, the Cadillac Bar in Nuevo Laredo, and the Green Frog Cafe, a stone bootlegger's out on the Old Dallas Highway. Before y'all's time, no doubt. - The Legendary

Would somebody please play the durn jukebox?


  1. To my recollection, the Green Gables was in Waco, just off of Hwy 77, in the area where Orchard Lane and Kendall Lane meet in East Waco. Maybe if Mr. Shaver sees this, he can either verify or correct this.

  2. ... And Waco had an It'll Do lounge on the Dallas Highway and a Dew Drop Inn close to downtown. I have frequented both of these fine establishments.