Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weatherman interviews lawman on concealed carry rules

Retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Parnell McNamara and KWTX weather man Rusty Garrett on six shooter concealed carry rules

Along with brother Mike, Marshal McNamara headed up a task force that tracked down and arrested serial murderer Kenneth McDuff. The pair were falsely accused of tipping off news media to a raid on the Branch Davidian compound, a raid that was no doubt prompted by a bill languishing on Governor Ann Richards' desk that would have legalized concealed carry of handguns in Texas. It became a campaign issue in the next election contest with George W. Bush, who vowed he would sign the bill as one of his first acts if elected.

He, Chief Deputy Randy Plemons and Barney Witt have announced their candidacy in the McLennan County Sheriff's race following the announcement that Sheriff Larry Lynch will not seek re-election.

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