Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morton released on bond pending criminal court appeal

By Lou Ann Anderson

Emotions were high and smiles were abundant Tuesday afternoon in a Williamson County courtroom as Michael Morton took an important step toward freedom and full exoneration from a 1987 murder conviction. After nearly 25 years in prison, Morton was released on personal bond pending approval of a findings of fact submission by the Court of Criminal Appeals. Though other case issues remain unresolved, recent DNA tests linking the murder of Michael's wife, Christine, to a "John Doe" felon who has since also been connected to the 1988 Austin murder of Debra Jan Baker were the key factors used in obtaining Morton's release...

Mr. Morton has been in prison for 25 years following conviction for the murder of his wife - something new evidence developed by New York attorney Barry Scheck and the Innocence Project shows he may very well did not do. Recent hearings have revealed that certain exculpatory evidence was witheld from the record. - The Legendary

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