Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Wall St. march shuts down Brooklyn Bridge

Similar unrest in L.A., Boston, and Albuquerque

New York – Police encircled protesters blocking traffic lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge with the kind of orange mesh used to keep people out of construction zones.

Then they herded them into a separate area, cuffed and arrested 700 of them. Most were released with citations for disorderly conduct, according to authorities.

It's all part of a growing national protest against what is perceived as corporate greed.

Protesters have camped out in a plaza on Wall Street for two weeks, rallying against such issues as global warming, economic uncertainty and what they perceive as diminished expectations for Americans caused by poor economic conditions they blame on corporations. Some told newsmen they were heavily in debt with student loans they find they are unable to pay.

Similar protests have arisen in Los Angeles, where about 100 people have occupied the steps of the City Hall, Boston and Albuquerque.

Protesters marched from Zuccotti Park in Manhattan near the site of the former World Trade Center to the bridge where police officers seemed to approve of their spilling into the Brookly-bound traffic lanes before springing their trap with the orange netting.

Members of various unions joined the march, including the Transit Workers Union and the United Federation of Teachers.

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