Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unions swell ranks to 15,000 in march on Wall St.

New York – Police made many arrests as Occupy Wall St. protesters joined union activists to march from Zuccotti Park to Foley Square at 3 p.m.

Some marchers tried to rush traffic barriers erected to keep them out of traffic lanes.

In a statement on, the marchers made their grievances clear.

“On October 05, 2011, at 3:00 in the afternoon the residents of Liberty Square will gather to join their union brothers and sisters in solidarity and march. At 4:30 in the afternoon the 99% will march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet from Foley Square to the Financial District, where their pensions have disappeared to, where their health has disappeared to. Together we will protest this great injustice. We stand in solidarity with the honest workers of:”

United NY
Strong Economy for All Coalition
Working Families Party
TWU Local 100
SEIU 1199
CWA 1109
Communications Workers of America
CWA Local 1180
United Auto Workers
United Federation of Teachers
Professional Staff Congress - CUNY
National Nurses United
Writers Guild East

The website calls the movement a shout out for an American Revolution.

Copy cat marches have sprung up across the country in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other large cities as workers protested a loss of pension and health benefits due to multinational corporations relocating their headquarters overseas in acquisitions and mergers and taking the funds with them.

Other entries on the Occupy Wall Street website expressed solidarity with Greek marchers protesting much the same conditions in that nation due to austerity measures dictated by member nations of the European Union in return for bailout funds to prop up the Greek central bank.

A core cadre of about 2,000 of the members of the protest movement have slept on the stone pavement now for three weeks, holding briefings and group votes several times each day, according to news reports.

Described as class warfare by no less a capitalist than billionaire investor Warren Buffet, the term has gained traction in Republican presidential politics. Governor Mitt Romney decried the "class warfare" being played out in Wall Street protests and elsewhere in remarks before a crowd in Florida.

Reportedly, sympathetic protests are planned for London, Paris, Rome, and Athens.

Anonymous - an entity symbolized by a a man wearing plastic Guy Fawkes mask - has proclaimed in Tweets distributed worldwide that "Justice is coming." Commentators on the Keiser Report distributed by Russia Today gave the opinion that unlike the protests in Tunisia and Egypt, where there was a single focus issue that the dictator must leave before they would leave their encampments, the Occupy Wall Street campaign is simply propelled by a laundry list of complaints.

Quoting from an AdSense discussion, the suggestion was made that the protesters should surround the New York Federal Reserve Bank and demand the ouster of the board and director of that institution before they will clear out of Zuccotti Park, which they have renamed Liberty Square.

There was a General Strike in San Francisco in 1934. Now all but forgotten, it was one that spread from the waterfront to the canyons of the Financial District, the merchandising emporiums of Market Street, and the industrial locations south of the slot.

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