Monday, April 23, 2012

Cold blue steel floats in So. Congress air...

Blues harpists mourn Gary Primich

Austin – The Continental Club opened its doors on a sunny Sunday afternoon to honor Gary Primich, a cat on harp out of Chicago who made Ostentatious his home and owned the cold blue steel sound of the Mississippi saxophone.

They say Mr. Primich emulated the riffs and repeated phrases and choruses of none other than Charles “Bird” Parker of Kansas City and points east and west, and it showed in his work, once he had paid his dues.

When a local fret-fingering, finger-poppin' daddy'o stepped up and leaned into it, “Ornithology” wafted out of his Gibson fret hole archtop electric – and it was on. (click here for a sample of Bird's stuff strummed on double upright bass)

Omar Dykes and the Howlers, Mike Morgan and the Crawl, et. al., conspired to give it that old one-two - double-four time - and the people boogied, moved, grooved and danced their sweet patooties off in the rarefied atmosphere of the old live blues venue cross the river, the Continental.

I have spoken. Now, let the harp speak. - The Legendary

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