Friday, April 13, 2012

The delberate dumbing down of America

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  1. This brought back so many thorns in my side. I experienced so much of what is talked about in this video as soon as my sons, (twins), started school. "Every kids a winner", NOT. "Your son has a learning disability & needs medication", NOT. If I had listened to what the school(s) were saying, I think I'd have very different young men today. The school(s) seemed to think it was okay not to spell correctly, I didn't. I could go on & on about this. IMHO, the long & short of this is, BE A PARENT. Your job does not end when your kids enter the school system. That is when the HARDEST part begins. From the Principal, teachers, custodians, cooks, coaches, friends & whoever else were involved in my sons lives, they knew me & I knew them. They knew what I expected of them & what they could expect from me. I didn't care if they liked it or agreed. If you are not prepared to be a parent, 24-7, 365, for the rest of your life, do not have a child. As far as I am concerned, your life ceases to exist, as you knew it, when you have children...Period.