Monday, April 16, 2012

New talent at Al's Tokio Store Musicians' Reunion

Outlaw country looking good, feeling better

Tokio – In the bottoms of the Aquilla Creek, not far from the old ford smack dab on the way to Montana, they come and go, camp awhile and move up and down, in and out.

There is an old Navy hootch there named Al's Tokio Store, a place that has sold cold beer since some indeterminate time in the 19th Century, at the corner of Old Railroad Road and Tokio Loop, otherwise known as the Jim Lewis Expressway.

You might say it's a part of national security, inextricably linked with the affairs of state - all hail!

Loretta and a running buddy of hers made the scene, selling brewski, posing for pictures, sitting on – ah – motorcycles and looking pretty. Oh, well, the grizzled veterans, outlaws and other assorted folks in black t-shirts are easily entertained; it's a well-known fact to one and all, but there is something special about – oh, well, never mind.

You might say painted ladies are the shine on the apple, the sizzle on the steak - all part of the show. Here's to the girls who keep it rolling, y'all.

As some young Polish lads once sang, “Her eyes, they shine like the diamonds...and her hair hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band,” etc.

The tunes were cooking, the brew was flowing, and the burgers were sizzling. Casey Kelley on acoustic - Dave Giddens on electric - ripping it up and laying it down and dirty. Yes. Exactly.

Come on down, y'all. Every other Sunday, 3 or 4 p.m. - The Legendary

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