Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Protesters attempt raid on Wells Fargo meeting

Focus on private jails, prisons

San Francisco – Hundreds of protesters from the Occupy Wall Street spinoff group, Occupy San Francisco, converged on Wells Fargo Bank headquarters to protest the corporation's involvement with financing privately operated prisons and jails.

Many of the protesters had bought single shares of stock in the banking corporation and were prepared to ask questions in order to disrupt the annual shareholders meeting.

They were turned away at the door.

Protesters marched, chanting and bearing signs, from the Embarcadero on the bay shore at the foot of California Street to the bank's corporate headquarters several blocks away.

Their goals: To eliminate private financing of privately operated county jails, federal lockups and state prisons; forgiveness on the principal of government-guaranteed student loans, a slowdown on foreclosures of homes, and greater regulation of banking practices.

Unions such as the Service Employees International were heavy supporters of the march, parading with their logos emblazoned on their t-shirts.

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