Friday, April 20, 2012

Drug Task Force positions still funded – Anonymous

Tipster says Sheriff still pays salaries

Waco – Informed by an Anonymous source in a comment on a story, The Legendary learned the McLennan County Sheriff's Department still pays the salaries of a sergeant, three deputies and a clerk once attached to the Agriplex Drug Task Force.

The comment came in response to the inteview of an area grandmother who only learned the whereabouts of her daughter and grandchild when the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Warrants Division apprehended a family member whose probation for felony drug offenses was revoked by the Court.
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The tipster at first said the current Sheriff's administration was telling a falsehood when Chief Deputy Randy Plemons explined in a debate held last month that money for Drug Task Force staff positions had “dried up” when grant funding expired.

There was a good reason for that, as it turns out. The salaries were never funded by a grant. Salaries were always paid by the County of McLennan.

The Sheriff's Department added an additional deputy and an investigator to the staff of the Investigations Division.

The Legendary requested more figures and facts and received this response about 2:30 p.m., CST, on Friday, April 20:

“Up until Oct 2006, those Task Force positions were funded by the county for the Agriplex Drug Task Force, since the grant did not allow for salaries. On October 1, 2006, the 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, 3 deputies and a clerk were all transferred.  (click here)

The sergeant, corporal and 3 deputies were transferred to Sheriff's Office along with the creation of a new investigator and a new deputy. The clerk was transferred to Records. 

But in the year that Plemons claims the budget "dried up" for those Task Force positions, all the positions were transferred to the Sheriff's Office, and they added an additional deputy and investigator on top of those. They also all got the 3% Cost of Living raise that every employee in the county got that October as well. So the positions not only were still funded, but also got a raise as well. 

As for the operating budget outside of salaries, that could be funded by seized property. No one seems to be sure about what happened to that money. Most believe it to on...” (for some reason, the transmission terminated there – The Legendary)


  1. I'm confused. There is a drug task force, that does not work as a drug task force, but gets paid for being a drug task force" Is this just in 2006 or from then to present? You might have to draw me a picture on this one. ;-)

  2. All along the watchtower, said the joker to the thief. There's too much confusion; I can't get no relief - The Legendary

  3. LOL! That clears that up! "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way..."

  4. What Plemons lied, again? Didn't see that one coming, again.

  5. So Lynch and Plemons closed down the task force and just moved those deputies to patrol and got two new spots too? That doesn't sound like money dried up to me. I've seen the county budgets, and salaries are usually the biggest part of a department budget. So how does that department have their funding dry up if the positions still had funding from the county like they always have? Plemons sounds more like "Honest Randy" the used car salesman. Of course his lying their only would costs thousands instead of the millions it has cost us this year alone. What idiot promoted this guy this high in the Sheriff's Department to begin with? It's obvious he's already well beyond his abilities.

  6. I saw the latest that Plemons is claiming that the Sheriff's Office still does serious drug investigations and seizures. But according to county records, drug seizure revenues for last year totalled a whooping $3. My question is why does Plemons feel the need to keep misinforming or as most would say, out right lying to the public. First he lies and says the drug problem is a federal issue. Then he lies and says the drug task force dissolved because of budget issues. Now he's saying they still make noted drug seizures. In each and every one of these statesments is disputed by the cold hard black & white facts.

    Many residents have come forward about drug related crimes taking place on their property and the Sheriff's Office not doing a thing about it, casting a large shadow on Plemons first statement. County budget numbers show that the task force positions were not dissolved and that the Sheriff's Office actually added 2 additional positions in the year the task force was dissolved, blowing Plemons statement #2 out of the water. Finally, the county's annual report shows that drug seizure revenues have drop 80% since the last avaiable figures the year after the task force was dissolved to a pitiful $3 in seizure revenue, putting the nail in the coffin of Plemons statement that the Sheriff's Office still makes big seizures and arrests.

    I don't know how much more proof the voters of McLennan County need that Plemons can't tell the truth and has dismantled much of the agency designed to protect the citizens of McLennan County. It's time to get real experience at the county's top law enforcement officer job. Plemons has shown he either doesn't have it, or is a blatant liar.

  7. Why hasn't the press questioned Plemons about his dishonest budget answers? When is the Trib going to step forward and ask Plemons why he keeps lying about the drug task force? When is KWTX going to be brave enough to ask him why he's lied about his budget? When are the other news stations that glossed over his failure to pay his personal debt, his going overbudget last September, his going over budget in March, his going over budget in April, and his total lie about the task force? When????

  8. The Swat team being referred to as a "pet project" is right on the money. It started out honorable and as a sign that times were changing from the Harwell days of letting another agency handle YOUR problems. And believe me when i tell you that the officers involved in the team are dedicated. Problems begin to arise when, like most things, you begin to stretch your assets too far and refuse to compensate your people for time spent, poor training availability, lack of numbers willing to commit to such endeavors, and lack of understanding from administration what it takes to command and execute the tasks set forth. Its better to pretend to understand, give the "rah rah" speeches, and stand down for made up excuses which amount to no commitment from admin to the cause. The Sheriffs office should have never taken on such a responsibilty unless they were willing to commit to its true existence and use. You must have the "guts" to utilize , the experience and training to execute the mission, and the knowledge to defend and explain its use and existence. Comment's such as "why do you need to train, you are never used", what do you need so much ammo for, whens the last time you shot someone?", and " if we get in that far, we can call WACO" have been made by admin and the comissioners court,, have no place, but also are a clear depiction of why they are still in

  9. Mr. Anonymous: I cannot post your comment because, first of all, the individual you have named is not a candidate for Sheriff, and secondly, his medical records are deemed confidential. I have no way of confirming the veracity of what you say, and, besides, the material is clearly libelous. Sorry. - The Legendary

  10. My apology for the defamatory statement. Anger got in the way of judgement. Unfortunately all of the employees and the S.O know about the condition of this person due to the fact that he has ran his mouth all over the county. To the point he was told to shut up. I for one don't know how the employees stand working in such an environment where the supervisor has shock therapy on friday, then shows up to work armed on Monday. The administration must have one hell of a rug to sweep all this under. Deputies even got caught talking g about it on the in car video and were told to shut up. Then the recording disappeared into thin air. Imagine that.