Sunday, April 8, 2012

State GOP chair wants Texas to be "winner take all"

Dallas - Republican leadership in the state is showing signs of a serious dump Romney movement. 

Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri told interviewers from the "Dallas Morning News" and WFAA the State Republican Executive Committee has the votes to return the Lone Star GOP Primary to a "winner take all" status.

In a passing remark, he said though Texas is second only to California in the total number of delegates to the National Convention, "We often don't think Texas gets listened to." Party rules that demand proportioned representation by delegates could easily be changed because the rules as they stand apply to a March primary, and the contest will not be held until May following extensive review of redistricting plans by the Legislature in federal court.

When asked, he nixed any chance that the members of the executive committee - formed by a male and female member from each Senatorial district - are prepared to "get ready to meet Barack Obama," call a halt to primary electioneering, and concede victory to Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

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