Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come on into my kitchen, it's gon be rainin'

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because it's gon' be raining outdoors.” - Robt. Johnson
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There is an uncounted, largely untapped supply of meat wandering around North America.

Eurasian boar stock have been released by disgusted hog farmers in protest of unsustainable market prices caused by inflation and high transportation and fuel costs for many years, to feed free range on American prairies and woodlands - far and wide.

Gone feral, they soon develop the black hair and tusks they quickly lose when raised on concrete in factory feed lots.

There is no season on feral hogs, and they are unprotected by game laws. Hunting them requires no license, and land owners are eager to be rid of their destructive presence. They are hard on white tail deer habitat, and their rooting destroys the ground where game birds flourish.

Subsistence hunters rely on shooting them with rifles, or trapping them in cage traps that do not injure them. This way, they may be fed and finished to the liking of hungry families  with plans for a later slaughter, or sales to butchers.

If ammunition becomes scarce, there are large bore air rifles with deadly accuracy available for prices ranging anywhere from twelve hundred to five thousand dollars. Smaller calibers capable of firing tranquilizer darts may be obtained for as little as a couple of hundred. Some hunters prefer to put the hogs at bay with dog packs – pit bulls are considered de rigeur – and then stroll in to cut their throats with long, sharp knives.

Think twice before you give away our rights...

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