Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NY, NY - so nice they defined assault weapons twice

Tough new law expected to pass today

“This is not about taking anyone's rights away. It's about a safe society...Today we are setting the mark for the rest of the country to do what's right.” - Rep. Jeffrey Klein, D-Bronx

This fire brought Nazis to power in 1933 
Albany – Adam Lanza struck the match that led to the 21st century's answer to the Reichstag Fire when he allegedly mowed down twenty kids and 8 teachers at Newtown Connecticut with an AR-15.

New York lawmakers are expected to pass a tough new assault weapons ban that makes the federal nix on assault weapons and high capacity magazines that ruled the day in the 90's look like a cake walk.

Among the provisions of the new law:

Magazine capacity will be downsized from 10 to 7 rounds. Anyone caught with 8 or more bullets in a magazine will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor crime. All owners of high capacity magazines will have a year to sell them out of state – or else.

A weapon need only have one of the defining characteristics of an assault rifle to be banned from lawful sale. What's more, the legislature added the popular pistol grip to the list of defining characteristics that will distinguish an assault rifle from an ordinary rifle. They include a bayonet lug, muzzle flash suppressor, or folding stock.

New Yorkers will be banned from buying assault weapons from purveyors who advertise them on the internet.

Private sales to anyone other than immediate family members must be routed through a licensed firearms dealer and a background check must be performed.

Mental health therapists will be obliged to report to a state police agency anyone they feel poses a threat to themselves or society due to possession or access to a firearm.

Records of ammunition sales must be placed in an electronic database maintained by licensed firearms and ammunition dealers.

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