Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crack addict wife of a Black Panther to get the needle

BULLETIN: Judge Larry Mitchell ordered a stay of execution based on attorneys' challenge of the jury array. Eleven of the jurors who convicted Ms. McCarthy are white. Only one is black. An execution date of April 3 is now scheduled, according to TDC Communication Officer Jason Clark.
The executioner watches from behind the slanted mirror at left
Murderess attacked with knife, hammer

Huntsville – Kimberly McCarthy isn't expected to survive the night now that the U.S. Supreme Court declined without comment to hear her final appeal.

She will probably get a lethal dose of sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride after the warden at The Walls Unit reads her the death warrant.

The Board of Pardons and Paroles declined to consider her case, and the final say so is in the office of the Governor. Rick Perry is not known to issue commutations, pardons, or reprieves for persons in Ms. McCarthy's position.

Ms. McCarthy will be the first woman executed in 10 years in Texas, the first in in the nation since 2010, and a milestone on the path to a total of 500 condemned murderers executed in this state since the high court reauthorized capital punishment. The death toll stands at 492 executions in Texas since that time. 

The convicted murderess received the death penalty after prosecutors showed evidence during the punishment phase of her second trial – the first conviction and death sentence was overturned in a U.S. District Court because of procedural errors made by her defense counsel and the State District Court – that she had previously murdered two other elderly white women. 

In 1997, she attacked her next door neighbor in Lancaster, a psychology professor retired from a Dallas community college named Dorothy Booth, whom she hacked to death with a knife. She then cut off her left ring finger to get a diamond ring she pawned for $200. After that brutal act, she drove the dead woman's Mercedes-Benz to a crack house to get more of her drug of choice.

The murderous episode began when she knocked at the door to borrow a cup of sugar, according to her statement.

When apprehended, she told the arresting officer to give her some more crack, and she would confess to what she did.

She bludgeoned her previous victims to death with hammers - one with a claw hammer, the other with a meat tenderizing hammer she found in the kitchen. Her occupation prior to her conviction and incarceration at the Mountain View Unit at Gatesville was as an occupational therapist and home health care worker.

Ms. McCarthy served two years in the late 80's for forgery.

She is the mother of a child fathered by a founding member of the New Black Panther Party.

He is so feared that following expiration of a first term as a member of the Dallas County Homeland Security Advisory Committee, the Commissioners Court disbanded the committee, rather than authorizing his reappointment to a second term.

His chief political sponsor is the controversial and abrasive personality known as John Wiley Price, a race baiting black man from Oak Cliff who has for many years during his tenure as an elected official cursed white people in high and voluble tones during meetings of the Court. Mr. Price is the subject of an on-going FBI investigation into alleged corruption in a public office.

The execution is scheduled for 6 p.m.

The Legendary will be there with camera and audio deck to record the impressions of people milling around the death house door.

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