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Outlaw woman back in jail for 'hindering apprehension'

The children of Ashley Dawn Rogers, a woman who perished in a trailer fire
'They all worship him...'

Waco – The women who have spent time with Carrie D. Woodlock in the McLennan County lockup all agree about her and the rest of Delvin Maddison's harem.

“They all worship him,” according to a female who was there last summer as Ms. Woodlock and another young woman fought and fussed over the Aryan Brotherhood figure with tattooed face and the mannerisms of a street player in drugs.

“They're all alike,” she recalls. “Tiny, very petite, and, let's say, malleable, easily led...” Ms. Woodlock and Mr. Maddison were young lovers in high school. “He took my virginity,” she said in an interview held in late fall. “I took his.”

She and others interviewed recall how Ms. Woodlock came into the jail insisting to investigators that her life and the lives of her estranged children – the custody of whom she long ago lost - are endangered about what she knows about Mr. Maddison, about how he and another man spent time at the apartment where she lived with another man on the night before a tragic fire in a Bosqueville trailer that claimed the lives of a mother and two of her children.

A third child of Ashley Dawn Rogers escaped when a neighbor boy pulled him to safety from the roaring fire that claimed their lives at about 6:30 p.m. on a cold February night nearly a year ago.

She has reportedly changed her story in the face of intense questioning by homicide and arson investigators struggling to clear an alleged murder case. Charged with the third degree felony of hindering apprehension of an accused felon, she is classed as a parole violator, and, some say, jailed for her own protection.

A further complication is presented by the bizarre circumstance of a city police investigator who insists the fire was accidental, while the fire marshal is not ready to sign off on that possibility. He claims the fire's ignition point in the trailer is known, and that while, according to his report, there are no “obvious signs of accelerants,” the heat source that caused the dwelling to be fully engulfed in flames within two minutes after the first alarm went in is still unknown.

There is speculation that the trailer was without electrical service, that wires – extension cords – were strung through its windows from a dwelling place next door in the trailer park just uphill from the Brazos River on North 19th St.
This much is known. Delvin Maddison, a convicted felon who is under indictment along with a half dozen others for engaging in organized criminal activity, has insisted to lawmen that he is not guilty of setting the blaze – often when they have made no mention of the matter whatsoever.

In the criminal activity charge, he and others are accused of taking alleged drug users' cars and refusing to return them – a complication of doing business in a very rough neighborhood.

In an even more chilling recollection, another female who spent time with yet another of Mr. Maddison's girlfriends recalls how when authorities put her in jail for her own protection, fearing for her safety, her back, arms, torso and upper legs were covered in festering “knots” caused by the intentional injection just under the surface of her skin of the highly caustic street drug known as “crank.”

The home made methamphetamine, when so injected, causes chemical burns to the underlyinig tissue and causes it to become abscessed, a complication that often leads to blood poisoning and suppurating lesions; if left untreated it will cause a systemic septic infection of the blood stream, and result in a painful death.

“She no sooner got out of there with her parents' help to get her kids back and get out of trouble, and she was right back with him. And this was after she told a female homicide investigator how she believed he was guilty of killing Ashley Dawn Rogers and her kids...”

Cher chez la femme.

Both that young woman and Ms. Woodlock have been confronted by the same female police investigator, according to sources inside the jail, with this penetrating question.

“I have sources that put Delvin there. Was he?”

Apparently, Ms. Woodlock has changed her story – yet again – and is willing to sit out time in jail or the penitentiary to avoid giving any answer to the question.

This much is clear. In the world of female offenders, women who often take the blame for serious crimes perpetrated by boyfriends and husbands who they say forced them to cooperate with criminal schemes, the message coming over the grapevine is clear.

The sorority of les femmes du la rue has spoken...

They will not tolerate the killing of a woman and her children – for any reason.

It's agreed. Those children were not supposed to be there. Something went horribly wrong.

Said one lady who offered her opinion under the strictest rules of secrecy, writing out of the blind side of a Facebook account about the rumor that electrical wires were strung through the trailer -

I've never heard of the wires...that's weird. I do have some Facebook messages between me and an MCC class mate where she also pin points Delvin right off. I knew she was associated with a rough crowd and that she would hear who did what through the grape vine...I asked if she knew anything prolly a week or two after the fire and the only thing she said to me was does delvin mean anything to u. At that time I had heard only D. I asked her could he go by D she said yea. She went on to say how everyone was saying it was him but she didn't think it was because he didn't get down like that, meaning the kids i assume but when u say the criminal didn't expect the kids to be there that makes perfect sense. I have pics of that conversation with her name and pic covered for protection if u would like to see them. As for an anonymous statement I would just like to state for the record.. We aren't giving up! Ashley, Madisyn and Gage are far from forgotten..loved and missed very much..we will continue to seek justice where justice is due. Thank you...

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