Monday, January 7, 2013

Microwaves out of McLennan jail - 'being discussed'

Waco – No specific date has been set – the matter is still in the talking stages – but there is a possibility microwave ovens will be a thing of the past at the McLennan County Jail.

Let's do, find ourselves a jail where we can microwave our popcorn
(click here for a real good time, grab hold of something, hold on tight)
Problems with circuitry overload that trips the automatic breakers and requires a re-set by building maintenance staff have prompted requests to upgrade the wiring in certain parts of the building – at a cost of nearly $100,000.

County Commissioners turned the proposal down cold during the fall months going into the general election in the face of angry protests of the public voiced in radio talk shows and in news columns.

Inmates make extensive use of the microwave ovens to heat up items such as popcorn, pizza, soups, chili, and noodles. Certain jailers and corrections officers told the media that they fear the posibility of injuries due to scalding liquids used as a weapon.

According to Jail Captain John Kollinek, “That's something that's being discussed, but no specific date has been set.”

At the time, The Legendary inquired and learned that the necessary funds already existed in the commissary account. According to state law, it is legal to spend the money on upgrading the building, said County Auditor Stan Chambers at the time.

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  1. They need to remove them asap. Make jail more like jail instead of a microwave snack shack. They make a lot of money of the inmates snacks.