Friday, January 11, 2013

'You will be an insurgent. That's how the government will look at you - as an insurgent' - Iraq war veteran

There are rumblings of a civil war...
James Yeager is an Iraq War veteran who trains people to fight back against assaults against their persons and property at a school named Tactical Response located near the Shiloh Battlefield in Tennessee.

He has made a couple of profanity-laced videos gone viral in which he threatens to "start killing people" in response to a mention by Vice President Joe Biden that President Obama may use executive powers to ban assault weapons if he can't get the assent of Congress. 

In this follow-up video, he explains that he has told fellow Iraq War veterans that the reason Confederate soldiers were buried in mass graves, a polite way of describing big pits in the ground, as opposed to the treatment given Union troopers, is "They were insurgents." 

Agent provocateur? Sincere patriot? Only time will tell the story. Meanwhile, Mr. Yeager advises fellow "patriots" to pack their knapsacks and load their high capacity magazines and prepare for civil war. 

Tough route to follow, but there it is. For some folks, it's come to this...Here is a previous report on Senator Diane Feinstein's experience with an assault weapon ban in the 90's (click)

Here is a video of police officers killing a man who refused to drop an edged weapon when he was ordered to so...(click)

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