Tuesday, January 15, 2013

McNamara 86's microwave ovens, popcorn at McJail

Now, we're getting somewhere - Dr. Hannibal Lecter
A picture of the world's first microwave oven
For sale: 47 el rancho deluxe microwave ovens in a pleasant shade of gleaming stainless steel – bought from profits from county jail commissary items...

Waco – There's a new Sheriff in town who cannot find a way to explain to law-abiding citizens why McLennan County taxpayers should pay $85,000 to upgrade the wiring in the county lockup so inmates can heat up popcorn, chili-mac and noodles.

When the building was designed, the architects and electrical inspectors had no idea that the system would require the kind of high capacity circuit breakers it takes to nuke all the assorted snack-doodles, gee-dunk and junk foods available on the list of items available at the commissary.

Hence, the microwave ovens are long gone, stacked in the back, part of the past – unless you are a trusty and live in the dormitory for prisoners who have a special security status.

Apparently, they can be trusted not to scald each other or corrections officers with the stuff they put in the microwave ovens.

So it goes.

Will McLennan County sell the microwave ovens?

That's up in the air for now. Need an attorney's opinion on that one.   Who knows? Man could get sued over something like that, don't ya' see? 

You know, they could have used all that money they spent on that for-profit jail to build a community, and then filled it by any means necessary...  - an innocent bystander who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the subject 

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