Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family suspects murder of Clifton woman - DA refuses to release autopsy report to Legendary

Staff member objects to 'angry' readers

Meridian – The family of a Clifton woman who died mysteriously in a county jail cell here on May 4 suspect she was murdered.

Interviewed over the weekend, she said, “We're waiting on the autopsy report.”

When District Attorney B.J. Shepherd released an autopsy report on what he has termed a jail house suicide by hanging, he only gave the information to certain media outlets, all of them located in Waco.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office released the information on Monday, June 24, that April Troyn died in a manner consistent with hanging and ruled her death a suicide.

She was found “unresponsive” in a cell where she had been alone on May 4 following an arrest for child endangerment – apparently.

The information as to what offense authorities booked her for, or exactly when she was processed into the jail, has been ruled confidential under the orders of Texas Ranger Jim Hatfield, according to Justice of the Peace Ray Ballman.

The judge also declined to release any of the findings of the autopsy he ordered, saying he is acting on the advice of the Bosque County Attorney, who gave the Ranger's pending investigation as a reason.

He referred further inquiries to Ranger Hatfield. Ranger Hatfield is unresponsive to phone calls.

A staff member of the DA's office who would identify herself only as “Dena” said she would not accept an open records request for information about the autopsy because the readership of this blog appears to be “an angry crowd.”

In fact, she said, she can tell from reading the things I have written that, “You appear to be an angry person.”

She declined to state her name, saying only that, “You'll not report any quotes from me in your report.”

Questions remain in the matter, such as the condition of the decedent's neck. Was it chafed or bruised? Forensic medical examiners make a thorough examination of the neck in a case of hanging. If no clear evidence is found, they continue to look for another cause of death.

In cases of hanging, the hyoid bone, a small u-shaped formation that is not connected to the skeleton but only to certain muscles in the neck which are located under the tongue, is usually not broken.

In cases of stangulation, it is often broken, according to standard texts on forensic post mortem examinations. There is usually evidence of broken blood vessels in the eyes in cases of strangulation. The autopsy revealed only that the manner of her death is consistent with asphyxiation, according to published reports attributed to Mr. Shepherd.

No official report is available to other media outlets.

In an interview, Ms. Troyn's sister Christina Morgan said she and Ms. Troyn's other sisters examined her body prior to her burial and found no bruises or markings on her neck.

They found only markings on the left side of her back.

“It looked like she had been beaten,” she said. “I feel that my sister was probably murdered.”

For further information on what is known about Ms. Troyn's death, one need only click the links located below:





  1. Your "Blog" does nothing, but pray on the emotions of a family and the loss of their loved one. Instead of CONSTANTLY re-opening a wound that will take some time to heal, why don't you find something else to "Blog" about. Ms. Troyn was not murdered and at some point and time you should step back and realize that everyone has their demons to deal with. Ms. Troyn apparently had hers and you should focus on something more constructive because your 10 minutes is up when it comes to this subject. If you TRULY wish to find something constructive to do, how about changing that picture of you in the mirror. You're not 12 yrs old and this isn't MySpace.

    1. Very well put. K

    2. I guess I'll sign mine even more Legendary.

  2. Well, now, Anonymous, I hope you're not opposed to suggestions if given in a kindly way. You know, you could always go out and hang yourself, couldn't you? By the way, what's your name? Are you the one who keeps calling to ask what I would do if my house burned down? I guess I'd hunt a motel room. What would you do? - The Legendary

    1. I agree with the Legendary. Someone has to fight for this girl. How are you to say she did it to herself when No one Not even this girls family has been able to view the autopsy Report. Bosque county will not give it out.

    2. Someone is responsible for what has happened to that girl. I hope justice is served.

  3. No One knows the Truth of to what had happened to April Troyn. But what is known is Someone is Hiding something. Or they would have not sealed ALL the records involving Miss Troyn's arrest and the DEATH. I am very pleased to know that her Family will not stop until they find the truth as to what happened to poor ol ;April Troyn. Keep posting on this subject Please

  4. Why does this person want to to stop writing about Ms Troyn? Sounds like she works for bosque county.

  5. Why does everyone got to be so darn anonymous?

  6. sounds like bosque county is hiding their dirty laundry. maybe someone ought to call a higher authority. how about the fbi? there is an office here in Waco. number is in the phone book. im with you Russell morgan!

  7. The second autopsy will tell what happened. Since there hiding something from the first one. How did I come to that conclusion you ask. If they were not hiding something they would release it. The Death is under investigation.
    Not the Autopsy.
    Not the Arrest.
    Not the warrant.
    Yet y'all still sealed thoes records.

    So you can give your crap to someone else about "its under investigation" to someone else. Cause I'm not buying it.

  8. Don't let them get away with what they had let happen to April. They are responsible for what had happen to her. They failed to protect her. If you can not be safe in the hands of law endorsement, where can you be safe? I hope justice is served.

  9. Do they really think they can cover everything up? Com on really