Monday, June 10, 2013

Sheriff declines open record in jail house death

Woman's death remains a mystery

Bosque County – Little is known about the final hours of the life of April Richardson Troyn, a 36-year-old mother charged with child endangerment who died under mysterious circumstances in the county jail on May 4.

Sheriff Anthony Mallot and the legal authorities in this rural county are in no rush to clear up questions surrounding her death. The Texas Rangers are in charge of the investigation.

Clifton Police released a copy of the offense and arrest report in the case that began on December 16, 2012, when employees at a Dairy Queen in Clifton complained that a 5-year-old boy had wandered in alone, complaining of hunger.

According to the report, the boy walked to the busy location on Highway 6 from an apartment in the 500 block of Ave. D, about five blocks distant. When Ms. Troyn was contacted, she said she did not know where her child was.

It was not until Feb. 19, 2013 that a local magistrate signed an arrest warrant, and Ms. Troyn was not apprehended until May 2 at a local convenience store. On that day five months later, she persuaded Detective Darrin Glenn to let her register her daughter at Clifton Middle School before he transported her to the Bosque County Jail at Meridian.

What happened next is not clear. When contacted, the records clerk at the Bosque County Sheriff's Office declined to release booking information, or any other report of Ms. Troyn's arrival at the jail, or how she spent her time while there during the hours leading up to her alleged suicide.

The matter is highly irregular because for the past few years, female prisoners have not been housed at the Meridian lockup due to strictures imposed by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, which has found conditions there to be substandard.

The last to see Ms. Troyn alive is said to have been a fellow inmate who checked out of the jail during the morning of May 4. When jailers checked on her later, she was unresponsive.

Justice of the Peace Ray Ballman ordered an autopsy at the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas.

According to Detective Glenn's report, “I spoke with her about an unrelated incident then transported her to county jail.”

Detective Glenn closed his arrest report dated May 6 with these words.

“1. On Saturday May 4, 2013, we were informed by the Bosque County Jail that our suspect April Troyn, who is an inmate there, died by an apparent suicide.

“2. There are no other suspects. Case is closed.”

This is a video record of The Legendary editorial staff making an open records request at the Clifton Police Department and the Bosque County Sheriff's Department.


  1. Ever think maybe...just maybe these local county governments have something better to do than spend all their time running the requests of a couple of wanna be reporters?

    1. They have to by law. Its called FOIA, The Freedom Of Information Act.

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  3. Yes, I had that thought, but it was just a fleeting, fugitive flirtation with the kind of mushy-headed pablum that flows through your gourd, Keemo-sabe. And then I returned to my senses, and I realized that those records I seek are actually my records. They don't belong to those county governments, but to me, and it's not their place to tell me what I can and cannot know when houses burn and people die and little kids go begging for food at the Dairy Queen. That's when I write out an open records request and go on about my business. That's also when I try to forget that there are redneck idiots like you running around, trying to make me think that I don't have a right to know. Get a life, fool. - The Legendary p.s. I don't need your approval to write the news. I have the First Amendment to cover that little detail. That's what I think.

  4. Someone so motivated by rage at their own impotence to have to search out a blog an snipe by anonymous posts probably has little in their life to be proud of. If that was the high point of their week, they deserve pity and nothing more.

  5. I have read many article regarding to this topic and done lots of research for the same. but here i get something new.thanks for sharing.

  6. The mother of the women who died in jail is being sued for talking to y'all. Media slander I believe. What a world

  7. Ms. Pierce is the respondent to a civil petition by Sheriff Anthony Mallott seeking to depose her about allegations of wrongdoing by himself, his staff, or Bosque County he says have been published in social media by members of the family of her daughter, April Troyn, who died in his custody on May 4, reportedly a victim of suicide by hanging.

    I will publish a full account of the filing within a very short time. - The Legendary