Friday, June 14, 2013

Judge throws out Hasan 'defense of others' argument

Ft. Hood - The judge denied Major Abu Nidal Malik Hasan’s motion to enter a defense of others as his legal motive to mow down 13 unarmed soldiers and civilian workers while injuring an additional 32 with a handgun on Nov. 5, 2009.

He is facing capital charges of premeditated murder in a general court martial. The Major claimed he acted in defense of Mullah Omar and the leaders of the Taliban in the Emirate in Afghanistan. He had been scheduled to deploy there in his capacity as an Army psychiatrist.

Col. Tara Osborn ruled that the Major’s justification for the deadly attack he carried out in the name of Islamic jihad has “no legal basis.”

The Court will take up business again on Tuesday, June 18, to hear the opinions of the three Army lawyers who were appointed to handle his defense following his release of a former Third Circuit Army Judge, Col. Steve Galligan.

They were told to have a written legal memorandum on file by noon on Thursday, but missed the deadline, which has been extended until Monday.

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