Wednesday, June 26, 2013

500th executed since Texas death penalty reinstated

Huntsville – Just as the sun set, Texas executed a woman who borrowed a cup of sugar from her next door neighbor in 1997, then beat her to death with a hammer and sliced off her finger with a buthcer knife to get her diamond wedding ring.

Kimberly McCarthy's execution for the murder of retired Dallas psychology professor Dorothy Booth at her home in Lancaster had been delayed for years. She is the 500th person executed since Texas began the practice anew in 1982 after legislators re-wrote the penal code to conform to an appeals decision regarding its constitutionality.
Dorothy Booth

The latest delay came on April 3 when her lawyers requested more time to prove jury selection in the case was flawed because of racism. There was only one black juror on the panel that sentenced her to die for the brutal murder.

Ms. McCarthy always said a couple of other crack addicts did the killing, but there was never any evidence they even existed.

Police caught her at a crack house where she had driven in the victim's automobile after pawning her diamond wedding ring. At the time, she was smoking the drug that led her to her deeds, which included two other brutal murders in which she allegedly beat one victim to death with a meat tenderizer, the other with a claw hammer.

In all three cases, evidence showed that the victims died after being attacked with kitchen implements obtained at the scene.

Similarly, prosecutors proved Ms. Booth lost her life after an attack with a hammer and a butcher knife that the killer carried out in the kitchen after the elderly victim invited the visitor inside.

The mother of a Aaron Michaels' child, Ms. McCarthy lived on death row for years, awaiting her date with the needle. He is the founder of the New Black Panthers.

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