Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One possible shape of things to come - Plan 125C

It's called the Solomons-Seliger Congressional District proposal, and it's a new gerrymander of an old, old problem.

How do you balance the liberal voting bloc of the Austin metropolitan area with the blackland conservatism of the prairies along the I-35 access corridor between D/FW and south Texas?

This time, solons such as Rep. Bert Solomons, chair of the Redistricting committee, would turn the old slantwise shape of District 17 from a northwest to southeast line of conservative counties that runs from Cowtown's southern suburbs to Aggieland into a crescent that slices from Corsicana to Ostentatious, cutting out Bryan-College Station, Temple-Belton, and Waco.

Click here for the latest in deep thought about the subject.

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