Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flotilla a Hamas terror project, says Israeli official

Jerusalem – In a report published in today's “Post,” a top Israeli government official accuses a Hamas leader of being the mastermind behind the “freedom flotilla” organized to bring diplomatic letters and activists to Gaza.

Amin Abu Rashid, a citizen of the Netherlands who has been seen training with the embargoed flotilla's crew in Greece, is a leader of the Sunni Muslim group in the embattled territory between Sinai and Israel.

Speaking in response to a report published by the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” that Mr. Rashid raised the money to buy a Dutch boat for the flotilla, Israeli Public Affairs and Diplomacy Minister Yuli Edelstein said, “The participation of Hamas member Amin Abu Rashid in the flotilla, who is known for fundraising money for Hamas terror operations, is clear proof that this is not a humanitarian flotilla, but a provocation and a terror operation in disguise of a flotilla.”

The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has published a determination that Israeli commandos executed 4 Turkish citizens and an American when they apprehended an earlier freedom flotilla.

The vessels of the flotilla are presently barred by the coast guard from sailing from Greek ports where they have been outfitted and supplied.

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