Friday, July 8, 2011

Petition to remove official : Right now I'm the people

Canton – A Grand Saline man has taken direct action to get a County Commissioner who has been arrested twice in 3 months for drunk driving removed from office.

Dwayne Jones told newsmen, “If I was out drinking in my company truck, I would be fired for it. I understand the other commissioners and the judge can't fire him, only the people can. Right now I'm the people.”

Mr. Jones originally filed his petition with the Van Zandt County District Attorney's office, but back tracked and filed his complaint with the District Clerk to have Commissioner Ricky LaPrade fired from public office.

Mr. LaPrade has no plans to step down. He claims he was not drunk at the time of his arrest. The District Judge will review the petition to evaluate evidence Mr. Jones has presented in support of removing Commissioner LaPrade from office.

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