Saturday, July 2, 2011

TSA stripped dying cancer patient of her adult diaper

Panama City - TSA agents forced a woman to strip her 95-year-old wheelchair-bound mother who is in the final stages of leukemia so they could pat her down prior to boarding a plane for her final flight home to Michigan.

According to the agents, all wheelchair-bound passengers are subjected to pat down searches because the wheelchairs will not fit through the scanners.

In this case, the elderly woman's "Depends" adult diaper had bunched into a hard mass, which made them suspicious that the 105 pound cancer victim was possibly concealing a weapon. In any case, they wanted the diaper removed because, they said, it was soiled.

Her daugther took her into the restroom, removed the diaper, and took her back to the private room where agents were standing by to conduct the search.

"After that, I just started bawling," she told a local news reporter.

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